15-MINUTES OF FAME Film Festival, November 9-10, 2013 in Cocoa Beach Florida

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"LEMONOPOLIS",  8-minutes, Family, Florida. Directed by Joshua Cartwright. Two boys who own a conglomerate lemonade stand face new competition from a girl across the street. When one of the boys develops a crush on her, he must choose between love and greed.  Voted "Audience Favorite" in the Saturday 10am Show.

"STUFF ABOUT STUFF", 27-minutes, Documentary.  Arkansas. Directed by Bryan Campbell and Bobby Foster.  Winner: Best Documentary. This documentary examines how a person's stuff can tell a story about their life. Scott, the story's protagonist, sells vintage items he finds in local thrift stores on line. Scott has always made up stories about the stuff he finds, where it came from, and who owned it. One day Scott finds a family bible, and decides that just making up a story was not going to satisfy his curiosity, he must find the rightful owners. This is a story about Scott and others with a unique relationship to stuff.       
"MOONBOUNCE", 7-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Michael Kefeyalew.  On their way back home from a birthday party at the park, a mother and her young son's car ride suddenly takes a stop when they encounter a truly horrible sight; a woman who has hung herself in front of her home. Naive and confused, the child watches from the car, trying to comprehend the sight before him as he witnesses the panic and commotion that ensues as his mother and others must confront this tragic event before them.       
"THE TALE OF THE CURIOUS AND CONFUSED MONSTER", 3-minutes, Horror/Comedy, Australia. Directed by Jim Zounis. Winner: Best Horror Short. The brief tale of a monster and his confrontation with two children and a toy on a chilly and foggy night.
"A DOLLAR A DAY", 5-minutes, Comedy, Florida.  Spencer has worked hard and wants his money, but the more he discusses it with his boss, the less he gets. Website
"WHEN ROSES CRY", 6-minutes, Drama, California. Directed by Rustam Vakilov.  Melanie is making preparations for Valentine's day while waiting for her fiance, Steve. However, something doesn't feel right.       
"UNVEILED", 9-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Courtney Harmstone.  Mira, a Muslim-American teenager, has been invited to her first house party by her popular best friend. Excited to have the chance to impress her crush, David, and to finally fit in, Mira lies to her family about going to the party. While there, Mira feels pressured to adopt the customs of her schoolmates and removes her veil. This may help her fit in, but is that what she really wants?
"NIGHTHAWKS", 14-minutes, Drama, China. (Subtitled). Directed by Gianpaolo Lupori. Winner: Best Foreign Film.  Nighthawks looks at the powerful effect the internet has on Chinese sub-culture. It asks how far its reach amongst the young and old, the rich and poor and guilty or innocents can go before it needs to be tamed. Voted "Audience Favorite" in the Saturday 11am Show.
"THE ORGANIZER", 11-minutes, Drama, New York. Directed by Susan Hippen.  Shirleen lives in a van, but convinces her brother she lives in the apartment she cleans. When he insists on staying overnight, she must force him out before the owner returns. IMDB
"GIVE", 18-minutres, Documentry, California. Directed by Vanessa Leigh.  A documentation of a selfless wife's mission to ease the pain and comfort her ailing husband, captured through the lens of the human experience of caregiving and told in a language that all are fluent in; love.
"HANDI & V", 6-minutes, Animation, Florida. Directed by Fenway Fan. After grandma Handi passed away, grandpa V lived in sadness. One day he finds a picture missing from their photo album, he started either his illusions or a wander journey through time capsules...  Website