15-MINUTES OF FAME Film Festival, November 9-10, 2013 in Cocoa Beach Florida

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"ON THE LIST", 9-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Ted Souppa and Dale Metz.  The actions of a demanding wife and a twist of fate, cause an ordinarily thoughtful and loving husband to put another item on the list.    Voted "Audience Favorite" in the Saturday 3pm Show.
"PLANET OF THE BRAIN SUCKERS", 7-minutes, Animation, Virginia. Directed by Maxwell Perry. In need of fuel, the U.S.S. Spaceship Passage lands on a mysterious planet inhabited by alien mutants that suck human brains. Website
"GIVING FEELS AWESOME", 15-minutes, Documentary, Florida. Directed by James Iverson.  The kids' dreams in the Dominican Republic, it’s the number one reason why they get out and go out and play. Hoping that one day it will change their families’ lives and be that future. So, seeing the abundance here and the lack there. Just try to put the two together of all these things that people don’t find useful here anymore and the greater use and advantage they use over there.         
"CHOCOLATE MILK", 14-minutes, Comedy, Maryland. Directed by JR Soldano and Michael Ring.  Winner: Best Comedy Chocolate Milk is the story of two slow-witted brothers, Kyle and Phillip, who are forced to fend their way through life after a low-flying Cessna killed their mother. Kyle is an eternal optimist and Phillip is depressed, lazy and lives in the past. This film follows Kyle and his determination to get Phillip off the couch and out into the world by going on a job interview, which goes terribly wrong. Website