15-MINUTES OF FAME Film Festival, November 9-10, 2013 in Cocoa Beach Florida

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"ANTOINE", 15-minutes, Drama, Luxembourg. Winner: Best Short. Directed by Cyrus NESHVAD.  The seventy years old Renee is living with her husband in a small village. They are proud of their doctor son who travels all over the world. But as he is not visiting them anymore, Renee is convinced that she had been a bad mother.       

"TAX REFUND", 5-minutes, Comedy, Florida.  Jackie surprises her husband with a letter from the IRS, but that's not the only surprise for Butch. Website
"STRIKING CHORDS", 22-minutes, Family, California. Directed by Lauren Donati.   Striking Chords is a film about an introverted 8 year old boy and his widower, workaholic father and the break down of communication between them.     Voted "Audience Favorite" in the Sunday 3pm Show.
"A HAWK ONCE TOLD ME",  12-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Michael Ruiz-Unger.  A young boy becomes obsessed with the idea of flying when his mother passes away. His only salvation comes from a mystical hawk he befriends.
"FREEBIRD", 6-minutes, Comedy, Florida. Winner: Best Director. Directed by  Dustin LeBoeuf.  This pathetically hilarious tongue-in-cheek comedy follows Dennis, a backyard-boxing dropout, as his meat store robbery becomes complicated by the beauty of the spunky cashier, Darlene.